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Activities in and around Wipperfürth

Hiking, bike tours, swimming, sightseeing flights, water sports, air sports and much more.


Of course, the charming low mountain range landscape is also excellent for hiking. With a varied network of hiking trails, Wipperfürth invites you to get moving. In addition to numerous circular hiking trails and some themed trails, such. B. the newly opened mine hiking trail in Kupferberg or the Heimatweg, Wipperfürth also has a long-distance hiking trail to offer with stages 5 and 6 of the Bergisches Panoramasteig.

The seven church villages are accessible via numerous circular hiking trails, which can be experienced again and again through different combinations. Some routes are dedicated to a specific theme, so that nature, cultural landscape and the city's past can be discovered on beautiful hikes. The Kirchdorf hiking trail, which connects the villages around Wipperfürth, is a special highlight.

A short detour is also worthwhile on the way home, because here you can cross the Wupper on a replica ford without getting your feet wet.
For those who do not want to start the hiking experience on their own, guided tours and hikes can be organized on request.

Bike rides

With its network of cycle paths in the middle of dams and green hills, Wipperfürth can meet the different demands of families, touring cyclists and ambitious professionals. The Bergische-Panorama-Radweg, which is called "Wasserquintett Bahntrassenweg" in this section, offers a path with few gradients through the Bergisches Land. With a maximum increase of 2 percent, the Wasserquintettweg leads over the former railway line, the Wippertalbahn through the beautiful landscape of Wipperfürth.

A detour to the market square, which is known throughout the Bergisch region for its ambience, is worthwhile. While the e-bike battery is being charged here, you can enjoy the typical Bergisch hospitality and watch what’s going on all around. Ambitious after a short rest, a tour along the Kirchdorfradweg is worthwhile. Each of the seven church villages has its own atmosphere and panoramas.

Carriage or wagon rides

A horse-drawn carriage or covered wagon trip is ideal for groups as well as for those traveling alone. The perception of various scents of the mountainous nature and the unique tranquility is only accompanied by the gentle rocking of 2 hp.

A Bergisch coffee table in the "Hotel am Markt" rounds off the excursion and can be organized without any problems.